Mumbai attacks: the lethal combination of business, politics and religion

Mumbai attacks: the lethal combination of business, politics and religion

Rage, shock, disbelief, and hopelessness are some of the many emotions that we in Mumbai are experiencing right now. But we are also feeling helpless. What should we do in such a situation? Is there even a modicum of hope that we will emerge out of our vulnerability to face any crisis in the future?

It is indeed very sad that we can do little except live in fear and speculate about how our self-serving politicians, from ruling parties or otherwise, will use this to further their own utterly selfish agendas.

The problem is much more complex than apparent. And perhaps the root cause is the lethal combination of business, politics and religion. The financial crises, the terror attacks and lots of other grave issues we face today are the result of these three forces conspiring hand-in-glove.

I reckon that the world is a victim of the “business of politics” and the “politics of religion.” Notice that the common thread is politics. Yes, politics is no more than business for our politicians, who leave no prospect of raking in millions. These same politicians also use religion to terrorise the core human spirit. They design dirty divisive strategies just so that they can come to power and then abuse it to their advantage. What is tragic is that people fall victim to the ideologies of political and religious leaders who have nothing but their own self-interest in mind.

Whenever there is a crisis, our political leaders grab the opportunity to point fingers at their political rivals. Their holier-than-thou attitude is unbearably nauseatic. Every politician portrays himself as the son-of-the-soil who would lay down his life for the countrymen. But all they do is vote for more and more privileges for themselves. With top security for each of them, why would they bother about the security of the average citizen?

Unless we break up the unholy nexus between business, politics and religions, I see little hope for the average human being anywhere in the world.

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  1. Ever wonder, what we,the citizens are doing? Why we are so easy to manipulate? Of the over One Billion, how many are politicians? Isnt it Ironic that, a small number of people can manipulate a Majority to being any way they want us to be? So whats lacking amongst the population – education? critical thinking? unity? same goals? Ethics? These are questions that I ask. After all one hand cant clap. If the politicians are the way they are, its because the citizens let them be that way. In a way, its a marriage made in Heaven(or hell).

  2. mysoul,

    I agree. I was only venting when I wrote this. But the truth is that our circumstances do not make us — they reveal us! We are responsible for everything that happens to us. If the politicians are the way they, we can’t blame them because we have collectively chosen them… it only reflects our choices.

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