Mumbai terrorised but NOT immobilised

Mumbai terrorised but NOT immobilised

The media, especially TV channels, must stop glamourising terrorism. I appeal to TV channels to stop spreading terror and report only facts, sans exaggeration. Mumbai has not been attacked. Only a few locations in South Mumbai has been attacked.

I feel a sense of tremendous anguish at the thought that the masterminds behind the attack on Taj, Oberoi and CST station must be celebrating their success, perhaps even rejoicing the killing of our top cops. But in spite of what’s happened, the truth is that Mumbai is normal. We citizens are shocked, yes. We are shaken, yes. But we are not immobilised. By repeatedly broadcasting “Mumbai Attacked”, we are only helping the cause of terrorists.

Their objective is to terrorise the whole world… why give them free advertising? We should, in fact, play it down.

It is also high time that we “ordinary” citizens step out and start an extraordinary movement against the incompetent and inept governance of this country. Collective action is the need of the hour. If we don’t do something soon, the self-serving politicians of this country will lead us into irrreparable destruction – not just of property but also of the human spirit.

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  1. I feel that Mumbai has been attacked, not only this time, but in all the past attacks. Every time we have bounced back with the spirit to fight fears and trauma. I am fully with you for asking the media channels to not glamourise the terrorism, they should instead highlight this spirit. It is important now that each of us now becomes an important part of the security machinery, we have to do it ourselves.

  2. I feel sad for all of us. And for Mumbai as a city. Our spirit is taken for granted time and again. Mumbai’s state today is akin to that of a prodigy with undeducated, immature parents. We as the people of this city are far more capable, far more intelligent than the handful of good-for-nothing gasbags governing us. It is simply beyond them to even begin to recognise our potential. They are wasting our collective talents and abusing our spirit. What does a child prodigy do when it knows it has fools for parents who are not worth depending on for survival? It looks after itself. So should we.

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