Nature Workshop

Nature Workshop

Lately, there has been a spurt in illegal wildlife trade in India. According to TRAAFIC, (Trade Record Analysis of Flora and Fauna), a division of World Wide Fund for Nature, the global wildlife trade is estimated to be USD 25 billion annually and, what many do not know is that a major percentage of this trade originates from India.

Unless the ongoing trade in wildlife and its derivatives is stopped, most species will be lost forever. A beginning can only be made if the consumer is made aware of the issue. And only if demand is curtailed will the illegal trade of our invaluable flora and fauna stop.

As India is fast becoming a channel for the illegal wildlife trade, we require concentrated efforts towards educating the people of India about the irreversible damage being done to our nature. As a part of its community awareness activities, HOPE has organized a one-day workshop on ‘Illegal Trade in Wild Flora & Fauna’.

Mr. Abrar Ahmed from TRAFFIC India will conduct the workshop. Also present will be Mr.S.K.Neeraj, Regional Deputy Director of Airport Customs (Wild Life Preservation), will also address the workshop on subject of ‘International Trade Protocol for Wildlife & Legal Issues’.

The workshop will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2001 from 9.30am to 4.30pm at:

Thane Maheshwari Mandal Hall,
Gautam Deep Building,
Near Bharat Sahakari Bank,
Thane (W)
400 602.

The workshop is open to all. Registration charges are Rs.100/-, which includes course material, lunch and tea. Spot registrations will be accepted. For details contact Deepa Rathi (5334353) or Shyam Ghate (5377263).

Silence Please!

On October 2, 2001, The Post SSC Students Association’s library, which is better known as the Almeida library, will complete 50 years. The library, which is mainly run by student members, was started by a group of young and enthusiastic Thane students in 1952.

The Post SSC Students Association was founded to promote academic, social and cultural activities for the benefit and welfare of the Post SSC level students of Thane. The association’s library, situated in the heart of the city, was first started in Dr. Almeida’s premises (hence the name, Almeida). In 1965, the association transferred the facility to a place opposite the TMC swimming pool.

Each year about one thousand students enroll themselves with the library to use the premises to study for their exams. The library remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Members spend most of their time in the library. Perhaps this is why, many members develop a special bond with the library and other members.

The library provides students with an environment that is extremely well suited to studies. The association has slowly developed stock of reference books of academic interest. Textbooks of all faculties up to post-graduate level are available. Books are readily available for reference and there is very little distraction. It is easier to discuss a difficulty with a fellow member, as at any given point in time, there are at least a few students from the same field present in the library.

Extremely popular among students of Thane, the Almeida library has had more than 25,000 student members spanning its 5 decades of existence. Many of its erstwhile members have done extremely well in their respective professions, in India as well as abroad. As a gesture of gratitude, many ex-members extend assistance to the library, both financial and otherwise.

The association organizes guest lectures, exhibitions and often, social service activities too. For instance, each year, on 15th August, a blood donation camp is organized in its own premises. A sapling plantation drive is also organized on the same day.

Beginning October 2, 2001, the association has planned a yearlong schedule of events to celebrate 50 years of its existence. The association urges all ex-members of the Almeida library to get in touch for any contribution they may like to make.

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