An ode to a friend

I know a girl called Grazi
Whose name rhymes with crazy
But her voice is warm and cosy
And she looks like a lovely daisy

Her innocence is so charming
Her concern, heart-warming
Her laughter is disarming
And her friendship, truly calming

This girl is one-of-her-kind
Who has her very own mind
Her beauty can’t be defined
‘cos her soul God has designed

She has an indomitable spirit
In crisis, she shows her grit
And even when fate’s the culprit
Her heart glows as if sunlit

Now tell me, isn’t she a gem?
Different from the rest of them
Now you know from where these stem
The words that make up my poem!

~© Manoj Khatri~

3 Replies to “One-of-her-kind”

  1. You’re lucky to have her as a friend. Jeweled personalities like this are hard to find. Love the rhythm of your piece, especially when read aloud.

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