Violently peaceful?

Violently peaceful?

“When you live on a round planet, there’s no choosing sides,” says Wayne Dyer. That’s how God made our planet. But our over-active intelligence has led us to create divisions, partitions, separations. What’s worse is that we frequently indulge in acts of division, hatred, murder and treachery in the name of God.

I was reading a post yesterday…about the righteousness of nations. Debating are two passionate bloggers – an Indian and a Pakistani. Both indulge in a battle of which country’s leaders are right. From the discussion, I gathered that they are both well-read and smart enough to understand that world politics is not about peoples of the nations and their interest. It’s always about power, manipulation, and greed. It’s a no-brainer that governments and political leaders have different agendas than the rest of us. Yet I often find intelligent people discussing such issues.

Sometimes I think intelligence is a curse. We humans, the most intelligent of species, are also the unhappiest. We employ our intelligence in the worst way possible. We have a violent disposition. So much so that even when we discuss peace we do it violently!

My advice to my blogging friends is to stop being worried about peace between nations, because all you can do is talk, talk and talk…and then some. If you really want to make a difference, go resolve a conflict between two estranged friends, or a fighting couple, or even alienated brothers. That way you’ll bring in peace in more tangible ways. As Stephen Covey would say, think in terms of your “circle of influence” and not in terms of “circle of concern”.

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