Perception can be deadly

Perception can be deadly

My recent experience at my workplace corroborated what I have known all along: a seed, if it’s poisonous, should be weeded out as soon as we discover it. If we let it grow into a deep-rooted tree, the fruits will be poisonous too.

Perceptions too begin as seeds and, if not dealt with early enough, grow into deadly, poisonous trees that threaten to destroy the consumers of their fruits. The problem with perception is that it is just that—perception. It’s not necessarily reality. If it is possible to verify the accuracy of the perception—in others words, its closeness to reality—then it must be done as soon as possible, perhaps when it’s still just as tiny as a small seed. That’s because it’s easier to weed out a small seed than it is to uproot a full-grown tree. Besides, a poisonous tree is more likely to spread its kind, because each fruit would have several seeds, each capable of blossoming into a full-grown tree and so on.

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  1. How are you friend? Still writing good stuff, and serves as stern advice for writers and thinkers.

    I am fine, Tom. Thanks for dropping by, and for your usual encouragement.
    ~ ww

  2. I couldnt agree more…although in a round about way, what we write is also about our perception of things. I wonder, how we can say if its poisonous or not.

    True. If we view the world from a “subjective reality” perspective, then everything around us is only our perception, including a judgment of others’ perceptions.

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