Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

On Sunday, November 09, city-based Jidnyasa Trust, which works for the betterment of students, celebrated its tenth Annual Day on sports ground of Saraswati Secondary School, Naupada. The Chief Guest for the evening was Vinayak Sahasrabuddhe who is the Director General of Ram Bhau Malgi Prabhodini, a socio-ecological research institute at Bhayander. Sahasrabuddhe was rather impressed with the finesse that the evening was organised and more so because everything was controlled by the student-members of the trust. What made the biggest impact on him was the perfect timing. The programme was scheduled to start at 5:30 pm. At exactly 5:28 pm, Sahasrabuddhe was escorted from the entrance of the venue by students of Jidnyasa Military School, complete with a military-type parade that we see only on occasions such as the republic day ceremony or when heads of state visit our country. The parade lasted precisely two minutes and he found himself on the dais at 5:30 pm sharp, and the show began. So much for time management.

Talking of time management, a girl student from Thane, Asmita Chitale can teach us a lesson or two. A seasoned gymnastics professional, Asmita was awarded the Jidnyasa Gaurav Puraskar on the same evening. She received a standing ovation and her claim to fame is that she secured 91.6 per cent marks in the class X board exams in spite of leading an active sports life. In fact, just a few weeks before the final board exams, in January 2003, she participated in the National Games. Quite a feat considering that most class X students are busy with their umpteenth revision at the time.

Asked how she managed to score so well, she replied, "From childhood I have always balanced studies and sports. To me, sports are as important as studies." She admitted that she found studying easier after playing and would in fact derive the energy from sports. She also gave full credit to her parents, saying, "Without their support and encouragement, this would not have been possible."

It would be fitting to say that all work and no play make Asmita a dull girl. Asmita managed her time quite well, even when was in class X. That was the secret of her success.

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