Poetry is the immortalisation of feelings

Poetry is the immortalisation of feelings

I express my deepest, most intense feelings through my poetry. More than me writing poems, they get written. What’s more, once feelings are expressed in poems, they are there forever. Since they have been written down, they transcend time.We read so many poems that were written centuries ago by poets who are long dead. Yet, the feelings expressed in those poems are alive. For instance, even today, when I read “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth, I get transported into a different world, living close to nature, and experiencing bliss. What Wordsworth felt when he wrote that poem, I feel today. And so do millions of others who read it. Somehow, poetry captures feelings and freezes them in time. It would not be wrong to say then, that poetry is the immortalisation of feelings.

© Manoj Khatri

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  1. I agree, I cant seem to write poetry unless I am moved by what I feel. I cant make an exercise of it. Poetry does have a mind of its own. How it will turn out, I never know until I stop, which becomes the end.

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