Ever wondered- how many kisses it takes to melt a heart of stone? many tears before a river flows?! many heartaches before eternal bliss, or how many loves (or things that look like it) before THE ONE?…

If any numbers are important, these are…but believe you me, there arent even credible proximate guesses, much less accurate answers to these…

Another question: A deterministic world view would have us believe, "It’s destiny! All’s pre-determined". Why then the pain, the angst, the living hell of going through relationships that would seem ‘oh-so-right’ at the outset, only to be transcribed inexplicably as ‘not meant-to-bes’, six months down the line? Some would say, experience enriches you, makes you more aware of what you want and more importantly, what you absolutely do not? But again, cant self-awareness precede mistakes? Does learning necessarily come the hard way-through falling and failing? And if that’s indeed the way of it, why is it like that?

It’s said that all humans are blessed with Intuition- and a certain level of consciousness has all the answers, knows all you need to know. You need to get attuned to that level, ask for guidance and trust,   it’ll take you where you want to go. If that really is the case, why do we not have a clear sense of perspective? What does it take to get in touch with that level of consciousness?

Questions? questions?? Why so many of them?? And worse, why, no plausible answers???

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