Rebooting life

Rebooting life

Most software programs allow us to undo a deed (by clicking ctrl+z) if we change our mind. Since I work a lot on computers, I sometimes have tended to do the same in real life. I know of some others too who have had similar experiences. Too bad, there is no such option available in real life.

There’s another thing that windows-based computers allow. When a certain program stops responding, we use task manager to shut that program. But at times the culprit program is rather adamant and refuses to respond and even causes the entire system to stop responding. Nothing works. Then the option left to bring the system back on track is to press ctrl+alt+del to reboot the computer.

In life too we encounter such incidents. Some programs stop responding. No matter what we try, those aspects of our life simply don’t react. If only we could press ctrl+alt+del or, in other words, reboot life. Imagine how nice it would be. When something stops working, simply restart life, and everything gets solved. All programs start working again, as if nothing ever went wrong.

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  1. It would be a prayer answered, that the things that we wanted to do, those which we have taken for granted, and those we want revisited and set to rights, would be a reality. I guess sometimes, as if like a tear in the fabric of time which is actually the mercy of life accorded us, we could go back and be reborn in new discovery and reversal of consequences. Well said, Friend.

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