I’m always thinking
Just contemplating
How can I manifest
your healing?
perk up your feeling?

I’m always searching
Just exploring
How I can make you
laugh with delight?
light you up like sunlight?

I’m always seeking
Just investigating
How I can I hold up
your emotions?
shoo away those demons?

I’m always attempting
Just endeavouring
How I can help you
trust our friendship?
And its lifelong grip?

I’m always praying
Just entreating
How can I be there
for you forever?
and never waver?

~© Manoj Khatri~

2 Replies to “Reflections”

  1. The last line seems to say of being religious, being prayerful. Sometimes people become religious when they are in love, don’t they? What is it in love that reminds persons of communicating with the Most High? Just wondering.

  2. I agree Tom…we are in communion with God only via love. I think love and God are synonymous. Also, true love is inexplicable because explanations belong to the rational world, the mental domain.

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