Schooling Values

Schooling Values

At the Sri Ma Group of Institutions (SMGI), the first week of February
each year is a time for contemplation, reflection, learning and
dedication. The annual celebrations mark the foundation of the group in
1975 by a spiritual-oriented woman called Sri Ma, fondly known as the
Divine Mother. Right from its inception the educational institutes
established by SMGI have promoted value-based education. One look at
the annual calendar of the SMGI’s schools will convince you that the
group practices what it preaches. The academic year, besides focusing
on the regular, is replete with co-curricular and extra-curricular
activities. These activities seek to tap and hone the latent talents in
children, which are often lost in the enormously competitive life that
today’s children live. The Divine Mother’s dream is that every child
should be ambidextrous and exude excellence in all the spheres of life,
so that he or she becomes a confident individual who inspires others.

The events and activities of the annual celebrations only
underline the focus on all-round development of the group, whose vision
is to help its students strike a balance between modern living and the
ancient value system of India. The 10-day event covers all aspects of
mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development, with events such
as an inter-school teaching aids competition for teachers, a folk dance
competition for students, and a three-day lecture series by prominent
personalities from diverse fields such as psychological counseling,
dealing with adolescence, astronomy, environment consciousness,
nutrition and yoga, Lord Krishna’s teachings and many more. There is
also an inter-school science project competition for students on the
topics of “Balance in Eco System” and “Innovative Scientific Toys”, in
which as many as 28 schools are participating.

Today, an inter-school folk dance competition is being organised
at 5 pm. The competition is open to students of all city-based schools
and spot entries will also be accepted. The event is being held at Sri
Ma Vidyanagari, which is located outside Hiranandani Estate at
Patlipada, off Ghodbunder Road. For more details you can call
25458750/51. The annual celebrations of SMGI will culminate on Monday
February 13, 2006, which is also the birthday of Divine Mother Sri Ma.
The day is celebrated as Children’s Day and includes a ballet
performance on “Krishna Leela” by Dr. Vasundhara Sridharan and her
troupe that are coming all the way from Coimbatore.

Tips for Beating Exam Stress

One of the topics in the lecture series organised by SGMI was on
examination phobia. The Lighthouse Foundation, a non-profit student
welfare group that helps students deal with exam-related stress,
conducted the lectures. The timing of the presentation was appropriate,
as almost all students tend to become anxious at this time of the year.
On Monday February 6, 2006, approximately 350 students from class VII,
VIII, IX and X chirped and giggled excitedly as the speakers
highlighted the futility of anxiety and the importance of genuine
effort ahead of exams. Especially relevant to class X students, the
advice of the speakers had all the students approving in unison.

Using examples, the speakers explained how fear is an illusion
and serves only to immobilise them. They shared techniques that enhance
the effectiveness of their preparation. Get enough sleep, eat
nutritionally rich food, avoid comparisons, take frequent breaks, be
realistic, and focus on exams and not results were some of the wisdom
words that students heard. The speakers also suggested how students
should deal with parental pressure – explaining to them that parents
act the way they do because they are driven by their love for them and
therefore want them to be happy and successful.

A unique visualisation exercise helped the students understand
the power of self-belief and positive attitude. On their part, the
students asked many relevant questions and participated actively
throughout the talk. After the session, the teachers who were present
large numbers, congratulated the speakers on the excellent presentation
and expressed their gratitude for sharing valuable tips with the
students at the time when they needed them the most.

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