Special Scientists

Special Scientists

Special achievements need special recognition. Three students of Anand Dighe Jidd School have proved that they are indeed special by becoming the first mentally challenged children whose project has been selected for the regional round of the 13th National Children’s Science Congress (CSC). While children from Thane have always excelled at the annual CSC, the Jidd School students have made this year extraordinary.  

Special Scientists

Creating records is not new for Thane. Last year our city outperformed all others cities as four of its projects reached the national round of CSC – the highest from any city. Another highlight of last year’s CSC was that for the first time, students from TMC-run schools also participated in the CSC.  

The district level round was held on Sunday, 9 October 2005, at MGM School in Nerul. Out of the 93 projects at this level, 20 moved up to the regional level, of which 11 are from Thane city, 7 from Navi Mumbai and 2 from adjacent areas. The Jidd School project was on “techniques for purification of water”. State coordinator for CSC, Surendra Dighe of Jidnyasa said, “What’s impressive is that their project was evaluated and selected for the regional round on the merit of its quality.” Manali Kulkarni (Group Leader), Vikram Desai, Laxmi Patil and Tushar Kharker comprise the project team while Vaishali Shirke is the Guide Teacher. Much of the credit goes to Shirke, whose perseverance and belief made this possible. Sandhya Dharde, the district coordinator for the CSC, also took personal interest in Jidd School’s project.

Whether or not students of Jidd School reach the national round of CSC, they have proved that with faith and conviction, you can meet any challenge and succeed. Like the Jidd School students, many special children cope with their challenges head on and set an example for the rest of us, teaching us that challenges are simply opportunities that are disguised.

For readers who are unaware, CSC is organised by National Council for Science & Technology Communication (NCSTC), an apex organisation that endeavours to popularise science and technology by stimulating scientific and technological disposition. NCSTC has been founded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. The State Science Council of all the States along with prominent NGOs working in the field of science are the members of this organisation. CSC is an opportunity for students to learn science by participation. Children are given socially relevant themes that need scientific solutions. Each theme lasts for two years. This is the second year for the theme “Water resources and their future utilisation”.   The regional round will be held on 20 November 2005 followed by state level eliminations before the national convention that is held every year in the last week of December in the presence of the President of the Country.   Keep reading this column for updates.

The Write Opportunity

Since the last ten years or so, city-based student-welfare NGO Jidnyasa has been publishing a magazine called Shaleya Jidnyasa. What’s unique about this magazine is that it is produced entirely by students – everything, from editing and article contributions to page layout and cover design, is conceived and executed by students from various city schools. The magazine is published in English and Marathi and is circulated among students in the city.

Jidnyasa is in the process of expanding the scope of the magazine to include more relevant and contemporary content. For this purpose Jidnyasa will form an editorial board comprising students who are inclined towards writing and content creation. If you are in class VIII or IX, like to meet other students, and are creative and innovative, then you may find this a good opportunity to try your hand at the craft of writing. The NGO is also looking for a student who can be appointed as an “Editor” and who will coordinate the production of the magazine. Students learning mass communication or journalism might find this a useful experience.   Call Jidnyasa on 98201 37576 for more details.

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