Spreading Divine Consciousness

Spreading Divine Consciousness

"If we remain everywhere individually, something will be done indeed, but if we remain everywhere as a part of a group a hundred times more will be done"- Sri Aurobindo

The Dombivli center (MC-27) of Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, has followed this advice to establish itself gradually.

When Sri Aurobindo, the great national freedom fighter and an even greater spiritual master, sought retirement from active politics, he settled in Pondicherry to focus his energies on his spiritual work. He had about four or five disciples then. But when more people began to follow his spiritual path, a community of sadhaks had to be formed for the maintenance and collective guidance of those who had left everything behind for the sake of a higher life. This was the foundation of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which rather than created, has grown around Sri Aurobindo.

The Dombivli Center too has witnessed a similar trend, albeit at a smaller scale. The number of devotees at the center has been grown steadily since it first began services in 1991. The center will celebrate its first anniversary on Sunday, October 28, 2001. Founded in August 1991 with hardly 2-3 devotees under the name "Mother’s Meditation Center", the Dombivli center acquired official recognition from the Aurobindo Society on October 28, 2000.

"Regular Prayer Meetings are held on every month First Sunday and important days as is the practice in the Main Ashram at Pondicherry." Says Mr. B. J. Raman, Honorary Secretary of the Center. The center’s activities are inspired by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual collaborator, The Mother.

For those who are unaware, Sri Aurobindo Society at Pondicherry is a Registered Society with its chief administrative office at Pondicherry. The Ashram community comprises of about 1200 persons. It has about 300 Centers, 50 Branches and about 10,000 members spread across India and abroad.

Although from different nationalities and cultural background, every seeker aspires and works for the same goal: "Sri Aurobindo’s vision of a new consciousness upon earth". The Main objective of Sri Aurobindo Society is to work for a new world and a spiritualized society based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Since the aim of the Society is to transform the whole of life, nothing is excluded from its comprehensive programme. It is a member of UNESCO and has been recognized by the Government of India as an Institution carrying out research in the Social Science.

The Dombivli center continues the tradition of the Society in its own way. Besides engaging in meditation sessions and prayer meetings, the center provides food, clothing and medicine to Old Age Homes and Anandashams. It offers help to needy persons and frequently performs acts of service to the community. For instance, in wake of the upcoming board exams in March 2001, the center organized a workshop for students of SSC and HSC in February 2001. Prof. K Kandaswamy, Head of English Dept, University of Mumbai & Mr. Thiruvenkataswamy, Professor of Mathemetics, and University of Mumbai conducted the workshop. The center plans to organize a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp in October 14, 2001.

The center has ambitious plans for the future. They plan to organize Yoga & Veda classes. Also on cards is a tour to the interiors of Thane District & other parts of Maharashtra spreading awareness on AIDS & Drug Addiction. But above all, the center wants to spread the message of humanity and spiritual consciousness to the people of Dombivli and its adjacent suburbs.

The Dombivli center has its share of difficulties, the biggest of them being an absence of its own place for carrying out the services. For the past ten years the center is operating from a small residential flat, belonging to one of its founder members. But due to the steady increase in the number of devotees they have been experiencing problems of limited space and time. The center began its hunt for exclusive place.

On surveying the market, the members realized that a suitable place could cost them in the range of Rs.10 lacs, an amount that is far beyond what the center can afford. Accordingly, they circulated an Appeal among the devotees of this and other centers also for raising funds. The center seeks monetary help from all its well-wishers. But Mr. Raman does not seem too worried, when he says, "I have faith that The Divine help will appear sooner or later in some form or the other. Until then, we will work tirelessly to achieve all our goals."

The Dombivli center urges people from around the suburb to come forward and participate in spreading the Divine Consciousness.

Contact Mr. R Vishwanathan or Mr. B. J. Raman on 95 251-882407 or 95-251-44 6511

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