Statues come alive

Statues come alive

Someone desecrated Meenatai Thackeray’s statue and Shiv Sena ‘s party workers went on a rampage. Overcome as they were with emotion on their beloved “ma tai” being insulted, the loyal Shiv Sainiks came out in thousands to protest in their unique style. They burnt buses, cars and scooters. They broke shops. They destroyed private and public property.

The sheer power of their retort is impressive, even if it deserves to be criticised as totally unfair. For one, they were all united in their response. For another, their protests spread like wildfire across Maharashtra’s major cities and even beyond…it almost looked like a well-crafted plan. Surely, it was impressive.

Now if only they would react similarly when a police constable rapes a girl child. Or when a senior citizen is murdered for a few thousands. Or when Mumbai’s despicable roads gets inundated with crater-sized potholes at the first hint of rains. Or when the construction mafia forms a cartel to grab every piece of available land to build more concrete structures thereby ensuring more flooding.When all this happens, the loyal Shiv Sainiks become statues themselves.

Of course, statues come alive only when other statues are in distress.

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  1. Yes I agree Abhi. Voilence is not the antidote to anything. It only harms and hurts – does not solve anything. Unfortunately, many fellow countrymen believe otherwise.

  2. Well MK, I thought you should have also brought out the loss to us – the people of the nation when these people burn buses, etc.

  3. Hi Manoj, I really like your blog and your articles. There is so much reality in what you have written. Yes infact, the so called loyal shiv sainiks should also reciprocate in the same way when countries and agencies attack our motherland with malafide intentions. Surely mother India is more important than the statue of “maa tai”

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