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Smooth Sailing

Smooth Sailing

It was a happy Republic day for residents of Thane city who were delighted to see boating at Masunda Lake back in action.

Boating and specially rowing is a popular activity in Thane. Some resort to it for leisure while some others draw on it to de-stress themselves. Fitness freaks think of it as a terrific form of exercise. The boating service at Masunda Lake is enjoyed by one and all. So when boating was banned in October last year, Thaneites were quite saddened. But little did they know that their favourite leisure time activity would soon be back, and better than before!

At the outset, Precision Fisheries Pvt. Ltd., the company that has acquired the contract, seems to be doing a pretty good job.

The boating services resumed operations on January 25, 2002, with an unusual inauguration ceremony. The usual lot of politicians, bureaucrats and celebrities were missing. Instead, the privilege of inaugurating the services was given to the first group of kids that arrived at the site. Thereafter the general public was invited to two full hours of free boating.

The new boats are much better than their predecessors. For one, all boats are now made of fibre, each sporting bright colors like red and yellow – this means no drab-looking wooden boats any more. What’s more – for those who can’t row, now there are paddle boats. Kids will be particularly excited about the new boats as they come in cheery shapes such as swan and dolphin. Senior citizens too can rejoice as now they need not depend on the younger lot if they feel like going in the middle of the lake. Plus, there are life jackets for taking care of contingencies.

They have boats with seating capacities to suit all needs – singles, couples, groups and families. The company soon plans to "launch" a Kashmiri style Shikara. Also, the motor boat variety will now use CNG as against kerosene which was used earlier. Kerosene is known to pollute water and also harm aquatic life

Anant Koli from Precision Fisheries says, "The Company’s objective is to provide a good vehicle for entertainment to the people of Thane because they deserve it."

Culture Owls
People of Thane are full of enthusiasm and soaked in cultural values. What else explains the popularity of events such as Chandane Samelan? Organized by the Marathi Granth Sanghralaya in its own premises, Chandane Samelan is an interactive cultural entertainment programme that lasts all night.

This year the event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 02, 2002. The highlight of this year is famous Marathi singer Ranjana Joglekar, who will perform live for the audience.

The programme also features, among other things one-act plays and group dances. There would be Laavani and Bhav Geeta. There is a lot in store for the audience too, who can participate in Parody Song Competition and Joke competition etc. A quiz show on the topic of "Marathi TV serials" is on cards to.

Chandane Samelan was conceived by Late Shyam Phadke, who was a renowned writer from Thane. The primary objective of this event is to provide a platform for creative persons who can demonstrate their art and also gain the confidence of performing in public. Another important aspect of the event is that it attracts Marathi speaking public to the 108-year old library and thereby promotes the habit of reading among them.

For more details or to participate in Chandane Samelan, call 533 0951