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Love conquers ego

Love conquers ego

Happiness and harmony
are balanced
on delicate scales
that get disrupted
by the slightest stroke,
or a gentle jolt,
giving rise to
tornadoes of emotions
and volcanoes of feelings

But why?

Because, the devil that resides in us
as our EGO
is the enemy of our LOVE

It poses as
false self-importance
and pseudo pride
looking for
a chance to steal
our precious package

whenever there is fervour,
the devil produces frostiness
whenever there is accord,
the devil stimulates discord
whenever there is ecstasy,
the devil perpetuates agony

anger fuses with irritation
and intolerance with impatience,
making a mixture of menacing madness

feeding our foolish fears
and provoking pessimism
…and tears

Until wisdom
stirs up
the energy of our LOVE again
to bring back
into fashion
our precious package of
…kindness and compassion.

© Manoj Khatri