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“Count your blessings” is a timeless adage that somehow never seems relevant until we go through a crisis. Right now, I feel immensely blessed.

My blessings have arrived in an assortment of odd shapes and sizes. Here are a few:

My mother is a rare blessing. I wonder how she can tolerate me and stand by me through my most difficult times. I sometimes take her rock-steady support for granted. She is “unconditional acceptance” personified. She has taught me how to love unconditionally. She’s taught me kindness. She has taught me to have faith in trying circumstances. In fact, I think I have inherited all my virtues from her. I feel so blessed to have such a mom.

Three more grand blessings of my life are my older siblings, who have never questioned me on my decisions, however much they disagreed with them. They respect me for my talents, encourage me to pursue my dreams and allow me the space to be my weird self. I feel so blessed to have such siblings.

My friends, so many of them, are also my treasured blessings — always ready to listen without prejudice and accept me with my human fallibilities. Sometimes, they even fight with me just so that they can stop me from making a mistake! I feel so blessed to have such friends.

My teachers, many of who I have never even met, are my most revered blessings: Wayne Dyer, Robert Fulghum, Michael Crichton, Linda Goodman, Paulo Coelho, Neale Donald Walsh, M Scott Peck, Hugh Prather, and so many more, whose writings have inspired me, guided me, and made me wiser through the years. I feel so blessed to have such teachers.

My victimisers (yes, you read that right) are also my valued blessings. Without those who caused me pain and suffering, I wouldn’t have learned anything, and my soul would not have got the opportunity to grow as much as it did. I am grateful to them for the difficulties they brought into my life. I feel so blessed to have such adversaries.

I call my colleagues — subordinates, peers and bosses, and my business associates — my the commercial blessings. They have taught me, mostly unknowingly, many a lesson in the area of work ethic. I feel so blessed to have such colleagues.

Then there are strangers and acquaintances, who, in their ordinary interactions with me, remind me of the universal blessing that I am always bestowed and protected with. I feel so blessed to be on this planet.

© Manoj Khatri

Birthday Pledge

Birthday Pledge

On my 25th birthday,
I solemnly pledge that I shall

  1. resist judging
  2. sleep enough
  3. meditate
  4. write more
  5. cultivate empathy
  6. accumulate friends
  7. eat right
  8. keep fit
  9. act spontaneously
  10. spread joy
  11. defy guilt
  12. continue dreaming
  13. appreciate nature
  14. smile often
  15. be childlike
  16. maintain faith
  17. elude hatred
  18. stand firm
  19. trust intuition
  20. promote peace
  21. see faraway
  22. remain authentic
  23. stay on path
  24. love unconditionally
  25. serve others
25 till I choose

25 till I choose

My lifespan is not eighty or ninety
…but eternity
‘Cos I am an aspect of God’s beauty
…and infinity

Today is my birthday and I turn 25 yet again. When I tell people that I stopped growing at 25, they think I am either joking or have lost my marbles. Neither is true. The truth is I choose to be 25 and I know I can.

The great advantage of such a choice is because our bodies are subservient to our minds, when I choose to be 25 in my mind, my body looks and behaves like 25. Isn’t that great? Also, someday I may decide to start growing. But right now I am happy being 25 and will continue to be so for a few more years.

On a more serious note, chronological age doesn’t apply to me anymore, because time is no more a recognisable factor in my life. While in everyday affairs, time has its significance, and it will continue to do so till I live and interact with others, the idea of life being time-bound does not appeal to me. I can’t get myself to do everything according to a designated time-table. I am an eternal soul disguised as a human being. My lifespan is eternity… Because, my life is not enclosed in birth and death—they just happen to be two milestones in my eternal life.

Humility versus modesty

Humility versus modesty

Oliver Herford said: “Modesty is the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it.” I have always believed that modesty is pretentious. Acting modest is like pretending to be less than what you really are. However, I do believe in humility, which should not be confused with modesty. Modesty consists of belittling one’s own talents and accomplishments for the sake of receiving praise or adulation from others.

Modesty often poses as humility. But such humility is false as it is usually social in context and hence external. True humility, on the other hand, is an acknowledgement to the self of our limitations and hence it is an internal concept.

I am aware of my gifts, talents, abilities and I see no reason why I shouldn’t declare them as such. At the same time, I am also aware of my weaknesses and do not mind acknowledging it to self and others. Being humble is being authentic to self. Being modest is being inauthentic to others. C.S Lewis once said, “Perfect humility dispenses with modesty.” So aim for perfect humility.

Writer’s block

Writer’s block

Words are absent
Doubts are present

Ideas disappear
Thoughts interfere

Pages remain blank
Feelings play a prank

Mind is confused
Actions are refused

Soul’s lost its voice
Left with no choice

Life seems locked
I’m positively blocked!

~© Manoj Khatri~

Eccentric Me

Eccentric Me

My strange eccentricities
and weird idiosyncrasies
Leave others bewildered
and cause me to ponder
Am I really strange?
Or it’s the others, I wonder

My values seem outdated
And my ethics, underrated
Honesty and loyalty
Are they obsolete?
True love is so rare
Am I enclosed by conceit?

My love, it’s no-holds-barred
My feelings, they die-hard
Waiting and anticipating
Like I face life’s checkmate
Sometimes I feel beset
Can I influence my fate?

My thoughts are bizarre
Seem unrealistic and far
But I know they’re not
meant for the blinkered
To grasp their true worth
Doubts have to be conquered

~© Manoj Khatri~

Visit to paradise

Visit to paradise

I am back after a gap of 11 days. It feels like such a long time…I missed writing. But the time I spent away was in Switzerland, so no complains 🙂

I feel like writing about my experiences in paradise…and maybe I will, someday soon. But I also know that words cannot describe the beauty of the Alps — an endless string of lakes, mountains and green pastures, so beautifully maintained that it’s difficult to believe your eyes. Across the length and breadth, wherever I went, it was awe-inspiring. 

During my 9 day visit, I stayed in Luzern, but travelled to Zurich, Basel, Lugano, Interlaken, Montreo and Olten.Of course I also visited Mt Titlis, Mt. Pilatus, Rhine Falls,  Trümmelbach Falls (Europe’s wildest glacier canyon), and Murren village. Each excursion was worth every franc spent. So too the first hand experience of Swiss precision in every aspect of life.

As you can see, I am very impressed by Switzerland. But I also wonder how can an entire country be so exquisitely perfect??

Subtly Significant

Subtly Significant

Last night was one of those eventful nights when nothing spectacular happened but it still caused a transformation — a good one, I believe. The transformation is ever so subtle. But subtlety can be significant, I have read. The slightest variation can have such all-encompassing impact.

Just as in physics, the mechanical advantage we get from “leverage” is a good example of how a small force can create a big effect, we have many fulcrums in our emotional and mental realms, which, when employed in the right way, can be life-changers. I am optimistic that this mild shift in my own thinking will yield positive results.

Back to childhood

Back to childhood

My childhood was a time of reckless abandon
When life was a package of frolic and fun

When I spent my afternoons in aimless wandering
Walking in the hot sun, veering, never tiring

When I studied for exams just a day before
And surprised everyone later with the score

When I dreamed countless innocent dreams
And believed in them to absolute extremes

When I found enormous joy in crossing streams
And I expressed my happiness in loud screams

When I played with my friends the game of statue
And hunted those imaginary treasures of value

When being dirty and soiled was a sign of delight
That came out of thrashing an opponent in a fight

When singing and dancing was in itself a goal
And eating and drinking would merry my soul

When love simply meant mom’s delicious dishes
And my sister’s gifts packed with loads of wishes

When getting older was cool and happening
But without a clue of the problems of ageing

Now even though I’m in my life’s prime
A big part of me stayed back in time

Now every so often when I feel lost and alone
I simply turn to my little self that’s still my own

Then I feel childlike, blissful and innocent, again
As the wealth of my childhood is ever present, Amen

~© Manoj Khatri~

I wonder why?

I wonder why?

You are someone I may never meet
Then why do I care for you, feel for you, think of you?

You are someone I may never see
Then why do I search for you, look for you, dream of you?

You are someone I may never desire
Then why do I wish to be with you, walk with you, talk with you?

You are someone I may never know
Then why do I want to bless you, help you, pray for you?

You are someone I may never inspire
Then why do I write for you, sing for you, dance for you?

You are someone I may never love
Then why do I feel like loving you, giving you, living for you?

I wonder why?

~© Manoj Khatri~