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Choosing Now

Choosing Now

The past is a trail left behind
The future cannot be defined
Only the present is aligned
with my heart, soul and mind

Life is not a throw of dice
For I have the gift of choice
I can either be sad or rejoice
Be silent or air my voice

I pray for having the wisdom
The vision and the freedom
To seek God’s rich kingdom
Over plain Earthly stardom

I don’t belong to this world
That has from eons whirled
Keeping me coiled and curled
Now it’s time I unfurled

Infinity is my destination
My journey’s ultimate station
All else is a false notion
Only my ego’s perception

So I’ll give up my past, I vow
And future’s course I’ll allow
While I choose the eternal now
In the company of the Tao

~© Manoj Khatri~