Tears, desires and prayers

Tears, desires and prayers

Tears…why are they salty?
Is it because salt heals?
Cleanses the eyes of impurities
And the soul of the pain it feels?
Are tears mildly antiseptic
to heal my heart when it’s sick?

And hearts…why do they desire?
Is it because when hearts yearn
They reveal what we must learn
To love and be able to discern
Is my heart pounding
because my soul craves for bonding?

And soul…why does it pray?
Is it because prayers are potent
Have the power to manifest
And ignite a flame that is dormant?
Is my soul praying
to hear what God’s saying?

~© Manoj Khatri~

5 Replies to “Tears, desires and prayers”

  1. I think your last line explores a true purpose for prayer. Praying is not so much as teleshopping or a Christmas wish list than listening for the Will of the Supreme Being working in the universe.

    Sometimes, inadvertent formations of verses turn out to be the heart being attuned to the Absolute and split second windows to the Truth that sober and guide.

  2. Yup…for me, writing poetry has been a self-discovery of sorts. I realise that I seem to understand my feelings better by expressing myself. So many unknown emotions emerge…hitherto hidden in some deep recesses of my soul. And of course there’s this occasional encounter with truth…

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