The Joy of Poetic Expression

The Joy of Poetic Expression

I am writing a “prose” post after a gap of 20 days (barring a brief announcement I made). During this period, I wrote 6 poems though. And to think of, my first, very first, poem flowed out of me only a few weeks ago — 03 March 2007, to be precise. I think I am writing more poetry these days because I find it more creatively satisfying than prose. That‘s because, although all writing is an expression of thoughts and feelings, some feelings cannot be expressed as well in prose as in poetry.

I have enjoyed creating poetry and am happy because the wonderful discovery of poetic expression adds variety to my writing. Now I feel more complete as a writer.

But by disposition I am a thinker — a philosopher, if you will — and not a poet. I write because I love expressing my sometimes bizarre and peculiar reflections. And that is best done in prose. I realise that I have started to miss writing prose. I think I am going to write more of it from hereon.

Since nothing in the universe is random and everything has a purpose, I suppose that my poetic phase was necessary to bring out a new facet of my writing… it will add an extra hue to my expression.

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