The Reform of MTNL

The Reform of MTNL

MTNL’s pitiable customer service has been largely responsible for the notorious branding Mera Telephone Nahi Lagta associated with it. But if my experience is any indication, this label will dissolve soon – or so I reckon.

A few weeks ago, just a day before we were to shift into a new apartment, I visited MTNL’s office, anxiously of course, to submit the required application for shifting. But the feeling of discomfort did not last long. Right, from the time I submitted the application, my old view of MTNL began to disintegrate. To begin with, I was surprised at the smiling faces that greeted me in the reception area. Everyone there seemed ready to assist and facilitate. Upon meeting G B Wagh, the commercial officer in charge of Powai area, I was convinced that this once insensitive and inconsiderate PSU has undergone a massive personality transformation.

I have rarely seen a more helpful office holder anywhere, in any organisation, leave aside a PSU. While in the commercial department, I witnessed Wagh and his entire team serving people in the most courteous, efficient and accommodating manner I have seen. The numerous distressed subscribers who had come to the office with tricky problems – most of which had to do with surrendering the telephone – were all attended to, with equal consideration.

Market forces are forcing MTNL into becoming a customer-centric company. What else explains the major shift in the attitudes and behaviours of the once complacent office bearers of this monolithic, bloated PSU? But, whatever the basis of MTNL’s makeover, we subscribers have reason to smile; for we are its direct beneficiaries.

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  1. Being an insider, I know for a fact that the management at Mumbai is far more proactive than the top brass sitting in Delhi; and therefore the so-called ‘reform’, and its manifestations are much more tangible and drastic there. Delhi tried to emulate Mumbai, albeit with partial success.; and that too, largely due to the will of one man at the helm, the Ex- Execuive Director, Delhi, Mr. A. K. Girotra, who retired last month. He dealt the whip masterfully to drive in a customer-centric orientation into this monolithic organization. But in just one month after his retirement, things have slackened up no end.

    Just wish people would get their focus right! It’s ludicrous to think that at a time when wireless telephony segment is growing at 50%, and the wireline segment is evincing a negative growth, the Executive Committee Meetings still talk of focussing on strategies to augment the landline subscriber base.

    P.S. Now, I hope somebody in the top management reads this, and fires me!! Yes, I dont agree with you so, shoot me!:D

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