To love or not to love

To love or not to love

Love is blind is a maxim that is perhaps as old as love itself, and if you’re like me, then you have, at some time or the other, wondered about that one. Well, it’s time to stop wondering, because a group of researchers have actually found that the old adage is not an empty cliche. A report on the BBC News website says that scientists have found that feelings of love lead to a “suppression of activity in the areas of the brain controlling critical thought”. Simply put, this means that when in love, the heart takes over the central command and the brain is relegated to playing the second fiddle. So, in effect, the heart deviates from its defined function of pumping blood and begins to order the brain around. On second thoughts, going by what the scientists have discovered about the brain’s digression, love might not just be blind but also deaf and dumb. Does that mean that when you fall in love, you become handicapped? Perhaps that’s where the term “lovesick” came from.

That love is blind might also explain the universal truth of “opposites attract”. Although the latter is supposed to describe the behaviour of magnetic substances, the phrase is commonly used to describe seemingly inexplicable human behaviour: The most beautiful girl always falls for the most ordinary looking boy. The fairest guy marries the darkest girl (in this case, we can’t say whether love is blind but it is positively colour-blind). And how can we forget the age-old, run-to-death love story of a rich-boy falling for poor girl or vice versa?

So science has proved that love makes you weaker in the brain. Does that mean we must stop loving? Of course not! Personally I think love is cool. Granted that according to research love subdues certain functions of the brain, but while doing so, it enriches the soul. And soul is all there is to life. What will you do with a brain without the soul? In fact, come to think of it, geniuses have always known the importance of love. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest music composers of all time and a genius in his own right, once said, “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” There.

“What about those disasters?” I hear you asking. Well, the truth is that those disasters are probably the result of the brain interfering in matters that are more to suited to the heart. Analyse love, and it will die, crippling you in the process. Leave love alone, and it will not only survive, it will flourish.

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