Traders of Fear

Traders of Fear

As a novice in poetry, I love experimenting. So I decided to write a poem on World Environment Day (being observed today).

The cars on roads are swarming
The deforestation too is alarming
The rising CO2 levels are harming
Is this leading to global warming?

The amount of fuel being burned
Along with trees being upturned
Oh! environmentalists are concerned
So should consumption be governed?

Politicians are churning money
Making hay while it is all sunny
Though scientists don’t find it funny
Then, is all the clamour phoney?

Some questions in mind arise
Why exactly do temperatures rise?
Are these alarms false outcries
of profiteers from Fear Enterprise?

Isn’t our planet older than mankind?
Hasn’t it survived many a tough grind?
Though species have grown and declined,
doesn’t it continue to be streamlined?

~© Manoj Khatri~

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