Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal

Art lives forever. And thereby makes artists immortal. One such immortal artist is Dinanath Dalal, who lives among us even after three decades of his demise. Dalal is probably not as familiar as some of the leading Marathi litterateurs, yet it is difficult to find any literate Maharashtrian who has never come across the works of the talented artist from Goa. Dalal’s career spanned over three and half decades and during this period, his paintings appeared in various Marathi textbooks, magazines and literature of varied kinds. That his work was so fine can be gauged from the fact that it influences many new generation artists of today. In his lifetime, Dalal had become a legend – he was the most sought-after artist for magazines covers and book jackets. The versatile artist used his artistic talent to depict various aspects of literature including mythology, history, social issues, human feelings and politics. Like most true artists, Dalal always found some time to pursue his interest in pure art, in spite of his busy schedule. He passed away at 54, leaving behind a legacy of a work that has few parallels.
This week, art lovers in Thane will have a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the works of Dalal. Between May 13 and 16, Akshar Rang, an city-based association engaged in promoting art, has arranged an exhibition of some exclusive works of Dalal – the exhibition will showcase over 300 pictures, cartoons and landscapes – it promised to be a visual treat. The exhibition will be inaugurated on May 16 at 6 pm by well-known cartoonist Vasant Sarawate. Vasudev Kamat, eminent artist, will be the chief guest for the function. For the benefit of the audience, Kamat will also conduct live demonstration of Portrait Painting.   Art Students and lovers of arts can flock to the exhibition which will be free to attend and will remain open for public during 10 am and 8.30 pm.

A workshop on Calligraphy by Achyut Palav and two other exhibitions have also been planned, one on paintings by Palav and the other on ancient manuscripts, published during the period 1600 to1900 AD.

The exhibitions will be held at the Shiv Daulat Hall of Shiv Samarth Vidyalaya, Opp. Gadkari Rangaytan. For more information, call Sanjiv Hajare 98206 18645  

Unadulterated Fun
Children’s minds are free of corruption, and their souls are pure. They do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or status. All they want is to have pure, "unadulterated" fun – with no interference from adults.   And their values are genuine, as was reflected by students of Garden School recently.  

On Monday, 20 students of Garden School joined 20 tribal children from Yeoor for a trip to Lonavala. The Garden School children mixed with the tribal children very easily and spent a full day sightseeing, playing antakshari and throw-ball and generally having fun. They even shared their tiffin boxes – in fact, the students of Garden School were requested to bring in two tiffin boxes with exactly the same contents – one for themselves and one to share with a child from the tribal group. Later, the children visited a tribal area called Kune near Khandala and learnt how the people there live their lives.

The picnic was a part of the once-a-week course on value based personality growth and development conducted by Garden School. The project was jointly organised by NGO Sevadham and Garden School – the idea being to promote empathy among children and also to help them learn about life first-hand. What’s heartening is that parents of these children encourage such initiatives, revealed one of the teachers of Garden School.

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