We are all environorganisms

We are all environorganisms

In his book, "Manifest your Destiny", bestselling author Dr Wayne Dyer, has a coined a new word: environorganism. Fondly called the father of motivation, Dyer believes that we are not organisms in an environment. We are environorganisms. What he means by this is that our environment and we are one. We cannot define ourselves in isolation from the environment. This implies that if we abuse our environment, we are actually abusing a part of ourselves. This was also the message that 34 city children, aged between four and 14 were trying to spread. Through street plays performed on June 05, 06 and 08, these children emphatically brought to the forefront the importance of "preserving and caring for our environment". Organised by a few socially conscious citizens from Vasant Vihar row houses and Panchvati Society, the street plays were held at four locations: Jambli Naka (near St. John the Baptist High School), Vasant Vihar (near Lok Puram School), Hiranandani Estate (near Hakone and Hirandandani Foundation School) and Garden Estate.

Alakta Kar, one of the key organisers appreciated the performances of the children, "They were wonderful, all of them, considering that some of them were briefed about their roles just a day before the plays were scheduled." To ensure a wider reach, the plays were scripted in Hindi and they covered various aspects of environment abuse – air, water, noise pollution as well as cutting of trees and blasting of hills to construct buildings. Kar was full of praise for Indu Chaturvedi, who wrote the scripts, and made sure that messages are delivered in a humorous manner. For instance, there was a scene where a building contractor instructs workers to "cut the trees". At the same time, two volunteers approach the workers, explain to them the consequences of cutting trees, and convince them to stay away. For noise pollution, she chose to show a political leader who has just won the elections and his supporters are shouting slogans and celebrating the victory with firecrackers. When the leader is asked why he is creating so much noise pollution, he replies, "Because I will be quite for the next five years."

Kar was also grateful to Mala Raj, another socially aware lady from Vasant Vihar, who coordinated the entire event and ensured that it was executed successfully. The response to the event was so good that the Lioness Club requested them to repeat plays for its members on June 08. More than 100 people attended this episode.

Such initiatives are certainly commendable. Yet, what is required is a sea in change in the individual attitude towards the environment. It is two weeks since we observed World Environment Day. And it is a good time to follow up to check if we are adhering to the resolutions we made or did we simply pay lip-service to it. The importance of caring for our environment cannot be emphasised enough. Do you know that Mumbai (and therefore Thane) is the second most polluted city in India? The measure of SMP (Suspended Particulate Matter) recorded in Mumbai is consistently found to be in the "alert" levels. This is largely a result of collective apathy and indifference towards our ecosystem. It is time we change our attitude towards environment pollution. Perhaps one way to do that is to view ourselves "environorganisms". Because, when we view ourselves, and the environment, as one, we will stop mistreating it and also prevent others from doing so.

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  1. Just happened to stumble upon this article while doing a search for something else.
    Thanks a lot, Manoj. I do remember speaking with you on the phone about this acitivity, and its a pleasure to see that there still exists writers who communicate and report what has been recorded, and not their own interpretation and words.
    Kudos to you for that.
    Your site is going to be bookmarked by me, and I’m looking fwd to regular updates here.

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