Winning in the race of life

Winning in the race of life

On Sunday morning, 210 special children, from 15 schools in and around Thane, showed why they are called special. In spite of being disadvantaged in one form or the other, these children participated in a fifth annual "Triumph Run", a race event that was held at the Arya Kriya Mandal Playground near Police Commissioner’s Office. Triumph Run is an annual affair organised by the Triumph Foundation, a social service group committed to the cause of children with physical and/or mental disabilities, founded by Rotary Club of Thane Hills.

The Chief Guest at the prize distribution ceremony was Rajan Vichare, Mayor of Thane. Among those who attended the event were local corporators, principals and teachers of the participating schools and parents of the children. The event began at 9 am and went on till about 1.30 pm. To ensure that participants do not feel drained out, the organisers had made arrangements for breakfast and lunch.

Based on the intensity of their mental and physical handicaps, the participants were categorised as into 13 different categories. So there were different races for the visually impaired, hearing impaired, Ortho (on wheels), spastics without crutches and many others. There were children participating in a race with callipers and wheelchairs and running a distance of 50, 100 to 200 metres. To take care of any eventuality, there were doctors present on site. That’s not all, for there were races organised for parents and teachers too. Our new mayor, who is rather soft-spoken, congratulated the organisers for their noble efforts in creating awareness about the special needs of the special children. "You’re doing a fantastic job. In fact you’ve hardly left anything for us to do. Keep it up and do let me know if I can be of any help," he told the Triumph members after the prize distribution.

When special children perform sporting feats, they not only overcome specific physical and mental handicaps they suffer from but also transcend the psychological barriers. Regardless of the actual winners, who received cash prizes at the hands of the mayor, every participant was a winner. And so was the every teacher, ad every parent. Only, they won in a different race – the race of life.

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