Yoga for All

Yoga for All

On 9th Sept 2001, a different kind of Yoga workshop was held in Thane East. Shubhada Lele of Yoga Swasthya Kendra, Mahim, conducted the workshop wherein she explained the potential of Yoga in healing many different kinds of health problems. The workshop demonstrated Yoga exercises for individuals with specific health problems.

About 25 people, who have experienced the benefits of these exercises first hand, spoke about and demonstrated how these exercises helped them in dealing with their specific problems. Problems discussed and demonstrated ranged from the more common backaches, arthritis, blood pressure, cardiac-related and diabetes to rare but complicated asthma and paralysis.

The Yoga workshop was organized by Bhartiya Stree Jeevan Vikas Parisad (BSJVP), a woman’s welfare organization located in Thane. The organization, among other activities, runs a hostel for working women and a school for deaf and dumb. Ms. Bakula Tai Devkule, the 80-year old secretary of the organization, says, "I have been associated with this organization since its inception 50 years ago. It has been a wonderful experience as it involves service to the society, especially women. It is very satisfying."

Research proves that yoga helps manage or control many common physical and mental health problems such as anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, headaches, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, stress and other conditions and diseases

For the benefit of Thaneites, BSJVP has arranged for yoga classes to be held thrice a week by the Yoga Swathya Kendra. For more information, contact 5401184 or 4094415.

Relax – you are meditating.
Talking about yoga, meditation is considered the highest form of yoga. It is being increasingly recognised as a technique for controlling the mind and making it more peaceful, calm and focused.

Meditation is best practiced in a quite spot, away from the pollution of the city. Yeoor Hills in Thane provides many such spots. That’s one reason why it has many privately owned temples such as Parmarth Niketan owned by Phadke family and Ram Mandir owned by Thakur family. But the most prominent among the places of worship is the Vivekanand Balak Ashram, which is frequented by numerous Thaneites, especially on weekends.

The Vivekanand Ashram has in its compound, two meditation rooms or dhyan kutir. These dome shaped structures are in fact huts, made from mud, mixed with cow dung compost. The rooms are a boon to visitors who practice the art of meditation and also for those who are trying to learn it. The location is perfect and the surrounding, tranquil. If you are a meditation enthusiast, it is worth a visit to this place. But even if you do not meditate, you will have an extremely relaxing and unwinding experience of being close to nature and your inner self.

Wise Advice
People from Thane are quite considerate when it comes to returning lost articles to their owners. There are many such instances known to this writer and memories of all of them came back recently when a Thane girl, Shilpa Tansale, who works for the National Stock Exchange in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), demonstrated one such act of consideration.

On Monday, this writer found his cell phone missing. This was after he was returning from an early morning appointment in BKC. On realising that he had lost his mobile, he did the obvious – he called up his own cell, hoping that whoever had found it would be thoughtful enough to answer the call and offer to return it. To his pleasant surprise, Shilpa, who had found the missing cell phone, answered the call and said that she was, in fact, waiting for his call. She gave him her office address, which is located in BKC, and the writer collected his mobile. When they met, he thanked her a lot to which she wisely advised him to be more careful in the future. Advice taken, Ms. Shilpa.

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