You are not your results

You are not your results

There’s something that joins together Mark Twain, George Washington, Charlie Chaplin, Agatha Christie, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and our home-grown superheros JRD TATA and Dhirubhai Ambani. Can you take a wild guess what that is? Chances are, you can’t – so let me tell you: none of these great individuals completed formal education. In fact, a few of them didn’t even go to school. Yet, this did not get in the way their success. On the other hand, how many board toppers do you remember? And how many of those you do, have made it real big?

When facing results, remember that doing well in academics does not guarantee success, just as doing poorly in academics does not guarantee failure.

What if you fail or perform badly? Simple. Try again. Or resolve to do better the next time around.

As a child, learning to walk, you fell down countless times. But falling did not prevent you from standing up and making another attempt at walking. Can you imagine not making another attempt to walk simply because you fell down and got hurt once??

Albert Einstein, unarguably the best known scientist of the 20th century, had failed his entrance test to Federal Swiss Polytechnic at the age of 16. God knows what have happened, if he would’ve given hopes or lost his self esteem because he failed an entrance exam? But thankfully, he tried again and the rest is history.

Let me give you another example. Did you know that it took Thomas Edison more than 10,000 tries before he invented the light bulb? After 9,999 tries, a young reporter asked him, "Mr. Edison, are you going to have 10,000 failures?" Edison replied: "Young man, I didn’t fail 9,999 times. I discovered 9,999 ways not to invent the light bulb." Sir Winston Churchill put this phenomenon quite succinctly when he said, "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."

For those of you who are still not convinced, commit to memory the story of Abraham Lincoln, who was dubbed as "the man who failed the maximum number of times" before he finally became the President of the USA.

Here are some thoughts that you can keep in mind, whenever you feel let down by your performance in any sphere of life.

  • You are not your results. So stop identifying your self worth with your marks.
  • Your academic performance reflects just one of the multitudes of aspects that make you up in totality.
  • Avoid the comparison trap. You are a unique individual with special talents and abilities.
  • When others remind you of your "failure" or "poor performance", just remember that other people’s opinions of you DO NOT have to become your reality

Lastly, make a new agreement with yourself. Every morning as you wake up, and every night as you go to bed, repeat the following: I love myself, I respect myself, I trust myself.

Wish you the very best!

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  1. An apt article for teenagers who are so bogged down by parental pressures,peer pressures that they forget their own self worth.It is important to taste failure in order to enjoy success.

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